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Who is Rev. Martins Donbruce Idahosa?

Reverend Martins Donbruce Idahosa received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost at an early age, He accepted the call to ministry as a minister and was ordained Youth Pastor and began Pastoring at an early age, then become an assistant Pastor in a local Foursquare Gospel Church in Africa. After years of being a Pastor he later embarked on missionary church planting around the world, which has lead him to plant more than five churches Worldwide.

In 2007, he was appointed the General Overseer of Rhema Life Ministry. Since this elevation, the Lord has wrought many signs and wonders at his hands through Prayer, Fasting, and Consecrating unto the Lord. His ministry Gifts include Faith, Miracle Healing and Prophecy, as well as Fivefold Ministry for Deliverance and Edification in the Body of Christ.

Reverend Martins Donbruce Idahosa is an internationally acclaimed Spiritual Empowerment Pastor. Rev. Donbruce is also the bestselling author of the Rhema of Bliss, a daily devotional that changes people's lives every day.


Rev. Martins Idahosa

With his powerful testimony of childhood wounds, and Life Lessons, he brings a practical presentation of Biblical truths. The Gospel that has been birthed out of his Spirit fuses the undiluted truth of the word of God with the contemporary worship environment of today. This has made the work that God has placed in his hands one of the youngest yet fastest growing Ministry.

Rev. Donbruce is fueled by a passion concerning character building and self-esteem by merging spirituality with everyday living. His approach provokes people to pursue a life of integrity. Wherever he goes, Donbruce exhorts and encourages his listeners and followers to love God with all their heart.

He is not afraid to deal with hard, relevant issues. Rev. Donbruce lectures in-your-face messages that have drawn thousands of women and men to his crusades and events.

Rev Donbruce has a true heart for people and especially the unsaved. He is a humble vessel of God that is filled with the Holy Spirit and his gifts have embarked his mission into West Africa, Australia, Europe, Asia and the United States of America.

Rev Donbruce was educated in the United States of America, graduating with a Diploma in Discipleship and a Pastoral Diploma, BA/ BSc in Theology and Master of Divinity.

His multifaceted mindset is reflected in community development initiatives such as: The Monthly Believers Night of Change (Believers Gathering), The Rhema Miracle and Healing Crusade, The Annually Open Heaven Conference, Monthly Harvest Revival and also The Rhema Life Harvest Crusade (quarterly) and also The Gathering of Clergy Leadership Conference” and the monthly "Gathering of Eagles Leadership Empowerment Seminar."

Pastor Abral Lim

Abral Lim was ordained as Resident Pastor in Rhema Life Church on 24th August 2008. Since then Pastor Abral has been serving and preaching at Rhema Life Church. Pastor Abral has earlier worked as an Operations Assistant for an American Oil Co. for more then 19 years before answering to God's full-time calling. He has also work as Business Development Manager for Care Community Services Society. Pastor Abral graduated with a Certificate in Pastoral Ministries with the Theological Center for Asia in year 2000

Pastor Abral also has extensive experience in missions trips to the Philippines-Baguio Medical Mission, Indonesia, Australia, Hong Kong, Macau and China. He is also a member of WEC International, a Mission sending agency.

Pastor Abral is gifted at listening, faciliating, understanding, counseling and training others. He is also a great encourager and teacher for the brethren and visitors at Rhema Life Church.